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The most frequent types of items are, in particular, hardware configuration items , computer software configuration items , interface configuration items , non-developed configuration items or commercial off-the-shelf configuration items . In addition to its purpose in the implementation and management of a change, each configuration item’s listing and definition should act as a common vocabulary across all groups connected to the product. One should define the CI at a level such that an individual involved with product marketing and an individual responsible for implementation can agree to a common definition when they use the name of the configuration item. Selection and identification of configuration items for a particular project can be seen as the first step in developing an overall architecture of the product from the top down.

what is configuration item

The CI is subject to acceptance verification based on established criteria. The use of the CI within a product can be traced in a robust status-accounting system.

What is YASM? Yet Another Service Model Explained

It stores master copies of versions that have passed quality assurance checks and master copies of all controlled software in an organization. Can range from a complete service or system encompassing all hardware, software, and documentation to a particular software component or small hardware component. Once a configuration management platform is in place, teams have visibility into the work required for configuration tasks. Configuration management work can be identified as dependencies for other work and properly addressed as part of agile sprints.

By checking often and proactively, you can detect flaws and potentially damaging regressions in your configuration management. SIAM defines configuration as “anything used to deliver or support the services.” A CI is defined in ITIL® 4 as any component that must be managed to deliver an IT service. Bookmark these resources to learn about types of DevOps teams, or for ongoing updates about DevOps at Atlassian.


It may contain a large number of child CIs, such as an operating system, application software, and hardware devices. When reviewing a list of CIs in the Configuration Items applications, check the Top-level column to identify which ones are top-level CIs. Understanding which CIs are top-level is critical because when you establish authorized CIs by advancing actual CIs, you must select actual CIs that match the top-level authorized CIs for which promotion patterns have been specified. The requirements analysis for the various components can be done in parallel by several development teams.

what is configuration item

The teams can be made up of developers within the same software organization or among a number of different contractors for very large systems. It is very important that the same methodologies and documentation standards be employed by all the different teams. Without this kind of discipline, the required integration effort can turn into a nightmare of extended schedules and cost overruns. Each design, development, production engineering has its own specifics, processes, formalisms and tools, which require an adapted and for much of the time non-generalizable response. We will consequently limit ourselves to citing some examples of articulation, and the use of Arcadia engineering models made. The software top-level design document describes how the top-level computer software components implement requirements allocated from the software requirements specification and, if applicable, interface requirements specification.

Components of a Configuration Item

Perhaps most broadly, SIAM says a configuration item includes anything used to deliver or support the services. Categories of flight control system airborne units by physical properties. Configuration item testing environment of airborne software of the flight control system.

•Configuration management of tools and the lifecycle environment (i.e., development and V&V environments) are established. A separate inventory item specification should be prepared, as required, for each system, subsystem, prime item, or critical item in which inventory items are to be installed or that require the support of inventory items. Appendixes, one for each unique inventory item, cover requirements for the items aggregated to a particular inventory item specification. Each element of structural physical architecture should be represented by at least one configuration item that references it.

2.5.2 The Configuration Management process

Need to assign and write object dependency while creating BOM after selecting the line item of semi finish or component as shown below where I have a combination of finish and semi finish. By default, the “Batch prompt for recv ” and “Expiry prompt for recv ” fields are set to “Prompt, if not known” value for all the existing and new items. These configurations are applicable only for batch/expiry tracked items. For all the non-batch/expiry tracked items, these fields are disabled. You can define the Item level configuration provided via Item Details UI and Item Interface Input File. Semantic data models typically rely on the resource description framework that maps the relation between a number of things through the use of relationship descriptors, giving context to how things are related to each other.

what is configuration item

They can range from an entire service, which may consist of hardware, software, and documentation, to a single program module or a minor hardware component. The lowest-level CI is usually the smallest unit that will be changed independently of other components. The CMDB contains and records data that are also called configuration items .


This governance should involve gathering baseline data and comparing it to snapshots, which will allow for faster troubleshooting and implementing and monitoring modifications. CIs are supplied by specific projects comprising tangible and intangible assets. Read this thoroughly to understand how businesses can prevent themselves from such configuration problems. It’s easy for these configuration values to become an afterthought, leading to the configuration to become disorganized and scattered.

what is configuration item

Examples of Cis include software, plans, models, and individual requirement documents. The rise of cloud infrastructures has led to the development and adoption of new patterns of infrastructure management. Complex, cloud-based system architectures are managed and deployed through the use of configuration data files. These new cloud platforms allow teams https://www.globalcloudteam.com/glossary/configuration-item/ to specify the hardware resources and network connections they need provisioned through human and machine readable data files like YAML. The data files are then read and the infrastructure is provisioned in the cloud. Configuration management is a systems engineering process for establishing consistency of a product’s attributes throughout its life.

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Input sanitization is a cybersecurity measure of checking, cleaning, and filtering data inputs from users, APIs, and web services of any unwanted characters and… Can be linked to the behavioral and hosting components of the PA, as well as to physical links and ports. In this case, it remains only for the designer to write the detailed design of each component’s applicative behavior. The batch/expiry prompt https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ during receiving configuration is supported via RF Receive lpn Shipment (rf.inbound.cwrfrecvlpnshpmt) and RF Receive lpn load (rf.inbound.cwrfrecvlpnload) screen. Because of the above reasons, companies usually choose to purchase their CMDBs, rather than designing, building, delivering, and supporting them themselves. Is the software cmdb called DML or this is something different from software cmdb.

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