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Which flea collar is better

The type of flea collar you choose for your pet depends on the size of your pet, the length of its fur, and the area you live in, as well as a few other factors. When it comes to choosing a flea collar, there are two types that work well: long-term and short-term collars. Long-term […]

Xperto Critias

Xperto Critias Xperto será el sistema de juego de atletismo en Internet de Polla Chilena de Beneficencia, una empresa comunitaria en el tema chileno. Es probable que sea la última apuesta a través del juego en línea que disfruta y la organización de la lotería de las autoridades chilenas y ofrece una moda amigable de […]

Can you put a Seresto collar on a dog with fleas

Yes, you can put a Seresto collar on a dog with fleas. The Seresto collar is an easy and effective way to control flea and tick infestations in dogs. It uses an innovative technology called imidacloprid/flumethrin which kills the fleas, ticks and other parasites that feed from your pet. The active ingredients are slowly released […]

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Can collars damage a dogs trachea

Yes, collars can damage a dog’s trachea. A collar that is too tight or put on incorrectly can cause serious injury to the trachea and can make breathing difficult or painful for a dog. A collar that is too loose might shift and slip down the neck, making it easy for a dog to get […]

Do the fake Seresto collars work

No, fake Seresto collars do not work. Seresto is a brand of flea and tick preventative collar for pets, made by Bayer animal health. The product utilizes infestations of effective insecticides to provide protection from these pests. The active ingredients in the collar work together to help your pet stay safe and comfortable from disease-carrying […]

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Can fleas survive in water

Fleas can survive in water for a period of time. Fleas are known to be good swimmers, and can hold their breath up to roughly 6 hours under water without any problem. This means that if you place fleas in a container filled with water, they will survive for up to 6 hours before eventually […]

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